Mother Pony Stands In Fire To Save Her Foal

When a barn fire broke out in Texas, a mother pony stood, literally, in the line of fire to save her two-week-old foal from burning. The fire began from a heat lamp. Firefighters who arrived to put out the barn fire in Alvarado found the mother pony, Bella, standing within the blaze, blocking her foal, Butterscotch, from the flames. Both ponies survived, but Bella suffered extensive injuries.

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After the barn fire, Bella's family realized that they were unable to care for her serious injuries. The Humane Society of North Texas arrived to help her, but the prognosis was not good. According to WFAA, more than half of Bella's body was covered in burns from the fire and she was injured by falling barn debris.The pony's lungs were scorched by smoke. The HSNT rushed her and her foal to an equine veterinary specialist. Bella is defeating the odds, but will need around-the-clock care to overcome the infection that has begun in her burns. Now, she needs heroes to save her. The HSNT was able to raise 4000 dollars for the pony's initial treatment, but the injuries she sustained while saving her foal from the fire will require additional funding. The HSNT is asking for help from the public to continue her treatment.

The heroic actions are an inspiration to online supporters who are amazed that any animal would allow itself to be burned to protect its offspring. "It's just that mother-daughter bond... it's an instinct," said Whitney Hanson of the Humane Society of North Texas, according to Huffington Post. "She was ready to die for her baby." Recently, a brave human mother reacted on instinct when she saved her daughter from a pit bull that was attacking her.

Thanks to the Humane Society, Butterscotch remains with Bella at the equine facility. The foal has even found a new friend to play with while her mother recovers.

Anyone who would like to help save the beautiful pony that stood in fire to save her foal can make a donation to her medical fund through the Humane Society of North Texas.

[Photos from HSNT]