David Moyes Rumors: Sacked Manchester United Coach Could Be Headed To Tottenham Hotspur

David Moyes has only been gone as coach of Manchester United for a few days, but rumors are already swirling that the coach could find a soft landing with Man U’s Premier League rival Tottenham Hotspur.

Reports say that Moyes is at the top of the list to become Tottenham’s next manager, though there is some turmoil within the Spurs as to his possible appointment.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is reportedly a big fan of the 50-year-old Moyes, and was close to picking the Scot in 2012 to replace Harry Redknapp before ultimately picking Andre Villas-Boas.

Rumors have been picking up that David Moyes is a frontrunner for the Tottenham job, and the Standard noted that financial implications will be an important part of the team’s decision to pick a new manager to replace Tim Sherwood.

The report noted that Lous van Gaal has been considered the top pick for the Tottenham job, and the Spurs could get him for nothing after the World Cup when his contract ends with Holland. But van Gaal would come at a higher cost than Moyes, and with stadium expansion costs rising the Spurs are reportedly very mindful of their expenses.


“Moyes has worked within a limited budget at Everton and has a track record prior to his time at United of extracting excellent value from the transfer market,” the report noted. “Once his compensation package is agreed with United, the Scot will be available to join another club for nothing.”

David Moyes was fired on Tuesday following a face to face meeting with Manchester United executive Ed Woodward. The decision came after months of rumors about Moyes’ fate, fueled by the team’s poor performance and reports of discord in the locker room.

A 2-0 loss to Everton over the weekend seemed to seal Moyes’ fate, leaving the team mathematically eliminated from the chance to make the 2015 Champions League, the first time the team has missed out since 1991.

David Moyes lost a total of 11 times with Manchester United. Whether the rumors of a move to Tottenham are true or not, he will be set for the future. He will receive a $6 million payoff on the six year contract he signed, all for less than a year of work.