Twingly: Nice Try, shame about the results

Swedish blog search engine Twingly has decidedto take on Technorati with its own Top 100 blogs list and blog ranking service.

Using its index of blog relationships, Twingly calculates a blogs worth via link juice and likes, giving each blog a Google Page Rank style rank out of 10. The top 100 list takes that data and offers direct competition to Technorati.

Twingly defines itself as being a spam free index and claim that their rank system has trust because of their methods.

Before anyone suggests that comparing them to Technorati in unfair, they do, trash talking Technorati in an interview with The Blog Herald by saying things like "Technorati do what they do well" but "Technorati Authority is just a number that don’t say so much."

Here's my issue: if you're going to compare yourself to others, its helps that your results match the rhetoric. They don't.

According to Twingly, The Inquisitr has a grand total of 304 incoming links. Technorati records 3,711 (although the Technorati figure may include multiple links from the same blog). The Technorati Authority number for The Inquisitr (a number that counts blogs linking in without duplicates) shows 1,857 for the last 6 months. So either 1,553 spam blogs link to The Inquistr (84% of all links) or Twingly's index is bollocks and therefore its top 100 list lacks serious credibility. It goes without saying that without evidence to the contrary I'd suggest it's likely the latter.

It's always good to see new players in this space, and I do wish the service well, but this isn't an accurate measure of the blogosphere, by a very long mile.