World Cup 2014 Team Requests, Ridiculous Or Necessary?

As the Brazil World Cup 2014 approaches, the different countries participating are starting to get things ready and making sure the players that are part of the squads that will battle it out for about a month have everything they need at their disposal.

Only 49 days ahead of kick-off on June 12, some requests may appear more ridiculous than necessary, but each team has its own set of items they want to see when they arrive at their base ahead of the biggest soccer competition in the world.

Let’s face it, being away from home and the comforts that one is used to is not easy on top of having to focus on representing one’s country with honor and dignity in the 2014 World Cup. The least that can be asked of the host nation is to provide some of those things the teams absolutely can’t do without.

Silent fans, jacuzzis in each room, Spanish television, liquid soap, and four body guards for just one of the stars participating in the World Cup of 2014 are just some of the requests from teams scheduled to arrive in Brazil at the beginning of June, as published by the Brazilian publication Lance.

Here are some of the requests the teams coming to the 2014 World Cup have made:


All rooms must have a copy of the Koran because Islam is the predominant religion of the African nation.


Wants flat screen TVs and new beds in every room.


Requests a basket of ripe bananas that come from their country.


Asked Sao Paulo, where they are based for the first round, for 15 youth players to be available for training.


Wants silent air conditioners in all rooms, perhaps so that players may sleep soundly.


Will need Kosher meat since many of their players are Muslim, and they also asked for liquid soap in all bathrooms as the players are not used to blocks of soap. Really?


Requested six Spanish TV stations, including two channels from their country.


Wants a Jacuzzi in every room.



Requested some newspapers from around the world to be available on a daily basis.


Wants high-speed internet and Swiss TV channels for the players to enjoy.


Have asked for six security guards, with four of them watching superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some of the biggest attractions of the 2014 World Cup are notoriously absent from this list, such as England, Germany, Argentina, and the US. Surely they have requests of their own for the Brazilian organizers, and we will most likely find out what they are in time.

What do you think of these 2014 FIFA World Cup team requests?

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