2014 Tornado Season To Intensify: Forecasts Predict Massive Twisters This Weekend!

The 2014 tornado season might have been relatively quiet and uneventful until now. But all that is set to change starting this weekend if we are to believe a few weathermen. Forecasters have said that conditions are fast lining up for a series of powerful tornadoes. These could hit an area covering parts of Tennessee and Texas starting this weekend reports The Wire. They predict the possibility of a "significant multi-day severe event" on Sunday in the southern plains. Mississippi valley could be hit the very next day – on Monday. The National Weather Service has issued a "strong tornadoes are possible" warning as well for Sunday. People from Texas to Tennessee have been put on alert.

Meanwhile, according to The Slate's Eric Holthaus, the reason for the possibility of the tornado season intensifying is because of the emergence of an east moving low pressure system, directly headed towards a moisture laden system coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. An explosive combination, this could kick off heavy thunderstorms and ultimately result in a number of deadly tornadoes. Contributing to the intensity of this system is another intense high pressure area situated over Canada. Apart from an intensified tornado season, forecasts also warn about heavy rains and large hail.

tornado hits

Holthaus has gone on to warn that the patterns shown by the 2014 tornado season are similar to what was observed during some of the worst tornado outbreaks in US history. He also included the infamous April 26, 1991 tornado spree that hit large areas of between Texas and Iowa while also causing a billion dollar worth of damages. One of the twisters in that 1991 tornado season also included a rare F5 category tornado.

The sudden change in the demeanour of the 2014 tornado season has shocked many people. Until recently, the year was considered the least active tornado season in the past 60 years. The reason for coming to this conclusion is because, until April 21, only 20 tornadoes of EF1 strength or higher have formed. The normal number would have been three times that in a typical year.

wide funnel tornado

While the 2014 tornado season has been termed the least active in decades, The Inquisitr had reported about tornadoes hitting Oklahoma, Texas and California earlier this year. In November 2013, six people were killed after tornadoes swept through the Midwestern US.

Are you geared up for this year's tornado season?

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