‘Avengers 2’ Villain, Cast Details Revealed By Kevin Feige, Joss Whedon

The Avengers 2 villain, who we all know by now as Ultron, has been shrowded in secrecy since the subtitle Age of Ultron was revealed. Yes, the comic book fanatics will know what his origins are, but with the exclusion of Ant-Man from the Avengers 2 cast, it became obvious that the villain’s origin would change.

Ultron is still a robotic villain who will become a major problem for Earth’s mightiest heroes on the Avengers 2 release date, but he’s not the result of Hank Pym’s experiment gone wrong any more. Michael Douglas has been cast as Ant-Man, the comics’ original creator of the Avengers 2 villain, but he won’t be in the film. Instead, hints have been dropped that Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark may be the one to create Ultron.

Kevin Feige dropped this rumor when he talked about why the size-shifting Avenger won’t be in Age of Ultron:

“It was two things – a story Edgar (Wright) wanted to tell that we’ll see with Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, and now we’re 11 films in, it’s looking at the characters we’ve already introduced who already have the technology and the brains to do … certain things.”

What other Avengers characters have the technology and the know-how to build a sentient robot? Only Tony Stark has shown the ability to do that, most noticeably in Iron Man 3, when he made the suit able to act by remote.

If you’re expecting Ultron to be a logic-prone automaton with no personality to speak of, Joss Whedon threw a monkey wrench right into that rumor machine when he talked about the Avengers 2 villain:

“I’m having a blast with Ultron. He’s not a creature of logic – he’s a robot who’s genuinely disturbed. We’re finding out what makes him menacing and at the same time endearing and funny and strange and unexpected, and everything a robot never is.”

Something else you can expect in the upcoming ensemble superhero film is a definite clash between the first Avengers and newcomers Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). The Captain America 2 end credits scene was a hint at what might cause the conflict, when Baron Von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann) mentioned the “age of miracles.”

Kevin Feige again hinted at the newcomers’ purpose in the film:

“They’re not very happy with The Avengers. Their powers are not insignificant and they’re quite different from what the Avengers have faced before.”

With Ultron apparently having a dark sort of personality, the Avengers 2 villain could make for a whole new kind of threat as the Avengers assemble for the second time.