Khloe Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors: Is French Montana The Daddy?

Could the rumors be true? Has Khloe Kardashian finally met her Mr. Right? According to several sources, Khloe, who is rumored to be dating rapper French Montana, is also pregnant with their first child together.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who has just recently moved on from her troubled marriage to her ex Lamar Odom, is rumored to already be happily sporting a baby bump. Khloe and Lamar had previously struggled with having children, so rumor has it that Khloe is elated about her new pregnancy.

Despite warnings from her mom, Kris Jenner, it appears that Khloe and French have stepped up their alleged romance. A source close to the family has said this about the recent relationship between French and Khloe:

'She hasn't felt this happy in a long time,' adding: 'Friends keep telling her she deserves this, finally.'

Kris isn't the only one who isn't a big fan of the developing romance between Khloe and French. Lamar, who is supposedly still in love with Khloe, is said to feel 'devastated' and 'betrayed' by the recent Khloe Kardashian pregnancy rumors. Friends are worried about Lamar's reaction should the pregnancy rumors turn out to be true.

According to the Daily Mail, French and Khloe are receiving flack from the rapper's native New Jersey neighborhood also. The neighbors are concerned that Khloe will disrupt the 'quiet bedroom community'. One neighbor went as far as to say that 'having her here is a complete nuisance. She's going to bring paparazzi and disturb the peace in the neighborhood.'

And several sources close to the rapper say that he is not an ideal candidate for fatherhood, especially considering how high profile Khloe Kardashian's life is. Furthermore, French has allegedly left the other child he's fathered behind. So even though Khloe was recently spotted wearing a necklace with the name 'Karim' on it, several people close to the couple are questioning the durability of the relationship.

Currently Khloe and Lamar are still battling it out in court after Khloe filed for divorce in December. The two were married in 2007 and had one child together before struggling to become pregnant again. They officially separated in 2012.

French Montana is no stranger to his own relationship drama. He is still married to Deen Kharbouch and is the father to a four year old son, Kruz. According to Deen, fame took priority for French and once he started to taste some of it, he 'practically abandoned us.'

Neither Khloe nor French have confirmed nor denied their romantic relationship or the pregnancy rumors at this time.