Lindsey Stirling Releases ‘Shatter Me’ Music Video For Upcoming ‘Shatter Me’ Album

Jan Omega - Author

Jul. 13 2017, Updated 11:45 p.m. ET

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Earlier, here on the Inquisitr, we reported that Lindsey Stirling is releasing a second album titled Shatter Me. We also included, in that report, the music video for her first single off the album, Beyond The Veil. Now, Lindsey Stirling is releasing the music video for the song, Shatter Me, which is also the name of the album releasing this month.

Lindsey Stirling’s second video was officially released on her official Youtube channel on Wednesday, April 23rd. It is directed in relation to the official cover art of the upcoming album, which depicts Lindsey Stirling as a ballerina in a crystal ball, which people find out is also has mechanisms of a musical box. Throughout the video, Stirling is trying to escape the crystal ball (which represents a prison despite being very beautiful). In order to shatter through the prison, Stirling also has to shatter herself, and that is what happens at the end of the video’s progression.

It also helps out the original song is very good, and utilizes dubstep, something Lindsey Stirling is known for doing since Crystallize.

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Just like Beyond The Veil, this video is such a huge improvement in cinematic direction, especially with all the special effects such as Lindsey Stirling in a crystal ball and how her “porcelain body” slowly cracks with light shining through prior to shattering. All in all, the cinematography is amazing and just like many others, such as Peter Hollens (who worked with Lindsey Stirling for their duet covers of the themes for Skyrim and Game of Thrones), say this is the best video the “dancing violinist” has ever made.

The secondary factor that many of Lindsey Stirling’s fans may not know is the inclusion of Lzzy Hale of the band, Halestorm. Simply featured in the video for Shatter Me, Hale provides the lyrics as well as a secondary cause for the situation Stirling’s “character in the music video” is in. Hale’s part is also set in a scenario easily influenced by steampunk, which is supposed to represent the inner clockwork of the “music box” part of the crystal ball. Personally, this writer believes having another prominent independent artist work with Lindsey Stirling helped influenced both of them, especially since Lzzy Hale’s band, Halestorm, is known for their rock cover of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance, along with many other covers.

The second album by Lindsey Stirling, Shatter Me, is scheduled to released on Tuesday, April 29th. The deluxe edition will only be available on Target’s online store, and will not be available anywhere else.


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