Barbie Movie In the Works, Barbie the Movie Will Be Real Life, Live Action

A real life, live action Barbie movie is in the works, but don’t expect Barbie the Movie – or whatever Sony Entertainment decides to call it – to be a typical Barbie princess movie or anything like the Barbie film series that featured animated movies like Twelve Dancing Princesses, Mariposa, Mermaidia, and Fairytopia. This Barbie full movie is slated to be different than anything we’ve seen related to the popular dress-up doll yet.

For starters, the film will be live action. You’ll be able to see a live action Barbie, and the sound money says that whoever they choose to play the title character won’t look anything like the emaciated “real life Barbie” who caused so much controversy recently.

A CNBC report suggests that Sony and Mattel have agreed to a live action Barbie movie that focuses on girl-power and Barbie’s role as an example of all that girls can grow up to be. The report notes that the dress up doll has featured move than 150 career-themed dolls and outfits over the years, including many professions that were once functionally off-limits to women. The report quotes Hannah Minghella, President of Production for Columbia Pictures as saying:

“We’ve always thought that the Barbie story had great potential, but a universe of possibilities opened up when Jenny (the live action Barbie movie’s script writer), Walter and Laurie brought us their unexpected, clever, and truly funny concept. It captures everything that has made Barbie a classic for generation after generation while also standing on its own.”

According to a Hypable report, Barbie the Movie will feature the title character stepping into people’s lives while using a variety of her professional skills and personae to help those she encounters. The general idea of the Barbie full movie is to incorporate the concepts of women’s empowerment with the accessorizing girls (and some guys) have known and loved about Mattel’s most famous doll for 50 years and counting.

Word is that Sony is looking to cast relative unknowns for Barbie, Ken and other principle roles, but that they will likely seek to use big-name stars for supporting roles. This model is similar to that being used with smashing success in the Marvel Avengers series.

What do you think? Is it about time for Barbie to move beyond her animated Barbie princess movie past and step onto the big screen in a real life, live action Barbie movie? What would you like to see in a real life, live action Barbie full movie?

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