Realistic female robot created to feel pain

Did you know that dentists have the highest suicide rate of all professions?

Apparently it has something to do with the fact that people hate going to them even more than going to see a lawyer. From childhood the idea of going to the dentist is associated with pain, lots of pain. It doesn't matter how much anesthetic we are given the sight of seeing that drill headed into our mouths is enough to make anything painful.

Of course it doesn't help if you have a dentist that is incompetent but those robot friendly Japanese have once again bent their minds to the problem and come up with a training robot that is incredibly life like to the point it can shake its head, cough, gag, and even slam its mouth shut when feeling pain in its "jaw".

Additionally the robot has voice recognition so that trainee dentists can practice their small talk as they drill and work away on your teeth.

It doesn't end there either as the robot can store and analyze the students performance and provide feedback which can be accessed by the student online.


via Geekosystem