Calvin Harris Is Incredibly Sexy In The Studio, Says Rita Ora

Calvin Harris fans should try to catch a glimpse of the guy doing his thing in the recording studio if they want to see him at his hottest.

While fans of the DJ probably swoon whenever they catch sight of the guy, they're haven't seen anything yet. According to girlfriend Rita Ora, Harris is apparently at his absolute sexiest when he's working on projects.

Calvin's main squeeze discussed his overwhelming hotness during a conversation with The Sun. In her humble opinion, nothing turns her on quite like watching the guy create beautiful music. Chances are none of us really needed that slice of info, but she's sharing it with the world nonetheless.

"I thought [Calvin Harris] was even more sexy when I actually saw him working in the studio. We'd had this pact that we'd never work together for fear it could cause problems but quite the opposite," Ora reportedly told the publication.

She added, "I'd look at him there, so in control of everything, so creative, and just yelled, 'Please turn the air-con on to make it cooler in here, as I'm seriously hot!'"

In case you haven't heard, Calvin Harris produced Rita Ora's new tune "I Will Never Let You Do," the first single off her upcoming album. According to the singer, she had an absolute blast working with the DJ in the studio. However, that doesn't mean she had a few reservations about joining forces with Harris.

"I was actually a bit nervous because he's never seen me in work mode. But literally just ten minutes in he was so blunt. I think it's the Scottish-ness in him, he was just like 'no' etc. and it happened so quick. It was a very good experience," she explained earlier this year.

The singer added, "It's about having fun and because I take everything so seriously, I'm always a bit like work, work. He's like, 'You really need to just enjoy it.' And I agree, so I'm just enjoying it right now. And I'm happy we kind of did it together. It's a nice little feeling for me, it makes it personal."

Calvin Harris isn't just working on stuff for other people. He recently released the tune "Summer" for the masses, a song that will likely find its way into heavy rotation in the US once the temperature starts getting a little warmer.

Do you agree that Calvin Harris is probably at his hottest when he's working in the studio?

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