Theo James Up For New Role Off Of ‘Divergent’ Fame

Since the release of the box office hit Divergent, its star Theo James has broken out in a huge way. Whether it’s through a supposed romance with his co-star Shailene Woodley, or his affable charm during his press interviews, it looks like everyone is after the dashing international man.

All eyes are on James to see what career move he’ll take after a big box office hit, and it looks like the star is slowly making moves to see what’s out there aside from his Divergent franchise, which still has three more films to complete from the series.

Reports have emerged that Theo James is currently looking at another adaptation to attach himself to. Rebecca Fitzpatrick’s fictional best selling book “Hush Hush” is being turned into a film, and since Theo has already seen major success from the Divergent adaptation, why not go out for another one?

Theo James is currently up for the role of the fallen angel Patch Cipriano. The role which is described as “dark” is supposedly very iconic to the novel and a role fans of the book are heavily anticipating to see which lucky star will nab it. According to International Business Times there’s been a laundry list of hot actors slated to play Patch Cipriano and one of those people is Theo James.

“Hush Hush” the novel is about a girl named Nora Grey who falls in love with Patch, a fallen angel, who is seemingly everywhere she turns and also knows more about her than her closest friends. Even though she resists his allure she obviously can’t control how drawn to Patch she is.

If the Divergent actor gets scores the role he will most likely sign an option contract for three additional films, which would put the actor in two huge franchises. It may not be the best move career wise, but money wise it’s a smart decision to strike while the iron is hot.

There’s a question that Theo may not be available due to the rigorous shooting schedule of the Divergent franchise, but we figure if Jennifer Lawrence can manage two Oscar nominated films with the Hunger Games franchise, Theo may be able to juggle the Divergent franchise with this promising role.

Currently the actor is back on the Divergent set as he just started filming the second installment of the franchise called Insurgent. The film is already set to be released next year.

[Image Credit: Summit Entertainment]