Free As In German Tuna Fish

Our occasional contributor Fake Steve Gillmor enlightens us on the latest in IT. Note for subscribers this will be the last FSG post in the Tech stream, with future posts being filled in Odd.

Gordon Ramsay took the stage in a global tour deforce recently to take first tuna bragging rights. The Germans were not happy. IBM is outsourcing in India and they play cricket there, I don’t get cricket.

Tim the Tool Man, now that was a funny show. Barbie Dolls, Tools, badly treated minnows. Asexual or bisexual, does it really matter?

Google uses the same strategy in the way it focuses on the enterprise in Google Maps. Software as a service creates a paradigm shift, as Tim Ferris mentioned in a speech 452 days ago. Large blogging corporations are like the Romans facing barbarians at the gate. Who could forget the battle of Allia or the battle of Telemon, I remember them lke they were yesterday.

Was Nixon despised because he was decisive, or because he was a dick? Would the jungles of Vietnam have maintained gross turnip supply levels if Al Gore had won the Presidency in 2000. Should the White House be out sourced, or open sourced?

Is it good enough today to ask what a website will do for you instead of asking what you can do for it? Can I write a post without mentioning facial hair?

The important thing to remember is that Salesforce can take marketshare from Frontera if they secure enough cows globally. Apple’s over supply of cattle rule it out as a market leader, where as Microsoft is still suffering from bad CSS rendering.

I’ve made the point about Yahoo here very clear and Thank you for joining me on this new journey. I know the readers love me, they say so in the comments I delete, and now the lord has given me a new place to play. And I get paid, and for other people debts may even be paid between drinks. 24/7 Steve, that’s the new name. That’s peanut butter smeared on lettuce.