Newborn Survives Being Thrown In Trash Can

A newborn baby survived being thrown in a Greenville, S.C. trash can. Authorities said 28-year-old Sharon Lenise Ferguson gave birth on Monday. She then wrapped her newborn son in a blanket, put him inside a plastic shopping bag, and left him in a city trash bin.

The infant was discovered by an unidentified man who was making repairs on a rental property. The man reportedly saw blood on the side of a garbage can, which prompted him to look inside. He was stunned when he found a newborn child amid the trash.

The man immediately contacted authorities. Police spokesman Johnathan Bragg said the newborn was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Although the baby remains in the hospital, he is currently listed in stable condition.

As reported by Charlotte Observer, authorities eventually identified Sharon Lenise Ferguson as the child’s mother. Ferguson was arrested and charged with attempted murder and abandonment of a minor child. She is currently being held at the Greenville County Detention Center on $125,000 bond.

It is unclear why Ferguson threw her newborn in a trash can. It is entirely possible that she simply did not want the child. However, South Carolina law provides new mothers with a better option.

Daniel’s Law provides safe havens for unwanted newborn children. According to the law, new mothers cannot be held liable for abandoning their children at a safe haven facility.

Safe haven locations, which include hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and churches, allow newborns to be abandoned anonymously — without legal repercussions.

Daniel’s Law pertains to infants up to one month old. Although the process is generally anonymous, signs of abuse override the anonymity clause. Newborns surrendered to a safe haven facility are placed in the custody of the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Despite the availability of similar programs throughout the United States, women continue to abandon their newborn babies in unsafe locations. Although abandoning an infant seems barbaric, many women and teens are simply frightened.

Safe havens were developed to provide new mothers with a safe and anonymous solution. However, women are either unaware or unwilling to leave their children at safe haven facilities.

As reported by SafeHaven.TV, more than 2,000 newborn infants have been saved through the project. Unfortunately, the number is far too low. Social service organizations, law enforcement agencies, and healthcare facilities, are currently focusing their efforts on awareness.

Sharon Lenise Ferguson could have abandoned her son at a safe haven facility without incident. As she chose to throw the newborn in a trash can, she is now facing felony charges.

[Image via WLXT]