David Moyes Sacked By Manchester United After Less Than A Year As Manager

It’s official. Manchester United sacked David Moyes on Tuesday, after less than a year as manager of the Old Trafford, one of the most prestigious clubs in all of football.

This comes as no surprise really, only perhaps the timing of it can be questioned as there are only four games left in the season, however, it appears the American family that owns Manchester United — the Glazers — just couldn’t take it any longer and fired Moyes.

In a statement posted on their website on Tuesday and also shared on Twitter, Manchester United simply said:

According to a report in Sky News, Moyes was informed about his fate in a face to face meeting with Chief Executive Ed Woodward on Tuesday, at the club’s training facility in Carrington.

The decision to sack David Moyes comes after months of speculation in the media, following the poor performance of the club and the rumors that there was discontent in the locker room.

Finally, on Monday, things started looking even more bleak for Moyes, after Manchester’s 2-0 loss to his former club, Everton, on Sunday, which gave no mathematical chance for the club to make it to the 2015 Champions League, something that hasn’t happened since 1991.

David Moyes was personally chosen by his predecessor, another Manchester United legend, Sir Alex Ferguson, and began his tenure after the latter retired, in July of 2013. It was a tough act to follow, but Moyes had the credentials to take on the club.


On paper.

It proved to be a terrible decision as United lost a total of 11 times under Moyes this season, with six of them being at Old Trafford.

But not many are feeling too sorry to see Moyes go, for he signed a six-year, multi-million dollar contract and is now going to receive a payoff of over $6 million, a year’s salary, for less than a year’s work.

With very few games to play in the Premier League this season, some reports suggest that David Moyes’ departure and low team morale will lead the Glazers to go on a spending spree of over $250 million this summer to return Manchester United to its rightful place.

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