Devious Maids: Roselyn Sanchez Promises ‘New Murder Mystery’ In Season 2 Spoilers

Devious Maids was a surprise hit of last summer, and the show’s star Roselyn Sanchez says there’s even more drama on the way in Season 2.

The Lifetime drama ended with a big reveal in last year’s finale, with viewers learning who killed Flora (Paula Garces). The show’s fans may wonder just how Devious Maids can top the drama of the first season, but Sanchez promised there were still plenty of big things to come.

“There are deaths,” the actress said, revealing that there’s “a new murder mystery happening, new families, and a lot of changes.”

Sanchez added that there will be a greater focus on co-star Ana Ortiz’s character, Marisol Duarte.

In Season 1, Marisol was posing as a maid to get her son off the hook for Flora’s murder, but in the new season will be in a much different setting.

“Ana has her own maid, which is crazy! And she’s engaged to this very wealthy man and she’s going through this,’who is he — for real?” said Sanchez. “Because he’s a little bit devious, actually. He has secrets.”

Devious Maids got a second season pickup in August after bringing solid ratings for Lifetime. After premiering to 1.99 million viewers, the show steadily grew into the mid 2-million viewer range as the season went on.

But at the same time the Eva Longoria-produced project, which is based on the Mexican telenovela Ellas Son La Alegría Del Hogar (They Are The Home’s Joy), generated controversy for its portrayal of Latina stereotypes.

The show may be courting more controversy this year. Sanchez noted that her character Carmen is going to become the trophy wife for a gay pop star, played by Matt Cedeno.

“She decides to forget about love and become the beard for Alejandro Rubio because he’s gay and a big pop star and he doesn’t want the world to know he’s gay. So I become his trophy wife,” she shared. “And then thinking that’s going to change my life dramatically and I’m going to accomplish my dreams, but of course everything goes wrong and she’s completely out of touch with reality and [makes] bad choices and insanity. But I love her. She’s crazy.”

Devious Maids premiered its second season this week, showing Sundays on Lifetime.