Hot Dog Roast Anyone? Oscar Mayer Recalled Hot Dogs May Still Have A Fighting Chance

Cassie Boss

Oscar Mayer has recalled 96,000 pounds of hot dogs due to a package mislabeling. The simple mislabeling issue was considered serious enough to spark a recall because customers purchasing the Classic Wieners may be mistakenly purchasing Oscar Mayer's Cheese Dogs, and for customers with dairy allergies, it could pose a serious health risk.

According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, Kraft and Oscar Mayer have chosen to recall the hot dogs because of the improper labeling and because the pasteurized cheese in the cheese dogs is made with milk, a known allergen, which is not declared on the label.

— Kraft Foods (@kraftfoods) April 20, 2014

"When we issue a recall, we always put safety first," Joyce Hodel of Kraft Corporate Affairs told ABC News. "If the recalled product is safe for donation, and it makes sense to do so, then we do donate it to organizations like local food banks."

Oscar Mayer and Kraft are directing consumers to Kraft Consumer Relations if they have any questions or concerns regarding the recall. Kraft's Consumer Relations Department can be reached at (855) 688-4386.

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