Ebola Outbreak May Have Spread Out Of Africa And Into Europe

Tara Dodrill

The Ebola outbreak in Africa may have spread to Europe despite pandemic containment efforts. World Health Organization officials have been working diligently to contain the Ebola outbreak to West Africa, but their efforts may have failed.

A Reuters report on the Ebola outbreak claims that death toll statistics will no longer be released to the public to "avoid causing unnecessary panic."

The virus has reportedly spread into seven countries in Africa. A report by Christian Relief groups working in both Liberia and Guinea maintain that the number of confirmed Ebola infection increased by 15 percent in just the past 24 hours.

Approximately four dozen migrant workers from the outbreak area came ashore, allegedly illegally, in Pisa, Italy. The workers are reportedly being isolated with symptom commonly associated with the Ebola virus. The migrant workers have reportedly presented with conjunctivitis, blood around the eye, and fever.

The WHO has deemed this strain of the Ebola virus as "entirely new" yet close to the Zaire strain. Due to the difference in the infection strain, false-negative test results were allegedly found for several weeks, allowing the infection to possibly spread further. Patients who reportedly received false-negative Ebola test results were permitted to return to their family and daily lives to recover from what doctors felt might be either the flu or a bad case of food poisoning. If the report is accurate, containment of the Ebola virus to Africa has failed and now residents in Europe are at "severe risk."

A report about the possibility of the Ebola virus reaching Italy allegedly appeared on news wires in the past 24 hours but was allegedly yanked by government officials for "national security reasons." Excerpt from a Vnews24 report in Italian as translated via Google language tools reads:

"And 'mystery about forty hypothetical cases of Ebola registered in our country. The virus is particularly common on the African continent – the cases "official" were recorded in Senegal, Mali and Ghana - may have arrived in Italy "thank you" to the massive exodus of immigrants to our shores. A first "bell" d 'alarm was launched by Lampedusa. According to a report appeared in the network (and immediately removed for reasons of "national security"), in fact, April 16 would be recorded on an epidemic 'island, never confirmed nor refuted by our Ministry of Health. A new "SOS" about the spread of the virus' Ebola in the Bel Paese is, this time, from Tuscany. Means of dissemination of the news shock is always the network: blogs, social networks, websites dedicated highlighted the "Curious Case of St. Flushing," reception center site in Pisa, closed to the public due to the presence, all 'inside of it, forty non-EU nationals which are to some strange symptoms. Capuzzi Sandra, Councillor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Pisa, he would have dismissed the alarmism of his countrymen, by classifying the health status of the refugees in the structure in these terms: "They have just a little bit fever, caused by stressful travel conditions under which the children were subjected."