‘Resident Evil 6’ Movie: Let It Be The End

The Resident Evil 6 movie has been confirmed and I can only hope this will be the last movie in the series. The Resident Evil movies were good until the fourth one, which focused too much on the 3D effects and not enough on the story or action making any sense. With Paul W.S. Anderson having confirmed that the latest in the series will also be in 3D, I hope he can at least get the story to make more sense this time.

The first film was okay, though there was an awkward moment with Milla Jovovich literally standing in place and waiting for the out of place music to stop before moving again. The third one was borderline absurd, as Alice (Jovovich) suddenly had superhuman abilities from the T-virus, a fact which hadn’t come up before, even when infection was an important plot point in the first film. It’s hard to believe we’re actually getting a Resident Evil 6 movie, as bad as they’ve become.

Resident Evil: Afterlife took the entire idea of an army of clones against the Umbrella Corporation and literally nuked it, instead giving us one of the dumbest movies in the series. Suddenly the zombies could swim and run, and Alice wasn’t the only one with superhuman abilities. How else can you explain a basketball star (Boris Kodjoe) jumping, grabbing the tail of a plane that’s about to fall off a building, and pulling it back down? The infamous helicopter crash scene was ludicrous, with Alice having had the T-virus and its benefits removed just beforehand, and then she and Wesker (Shawn Roberts) walked away without a scratch.

Don’t even get me started on the end of Resident Evil: Retribution. Alice changes her mind too easily when Albert Wesker asks for her help, even though she spent the entire film trying to find and stop him. The film apparently sold well enough to warrant a Resident Evil 6 movie, but that doesn’t mean we need it.

The series should just end with the Umbrella Corporation finally being destroyed and its zombie menace neutralized. End the movie series already. We don’t need any more 3D abominations from a director who is starting to make Uwe Boll look decent.

Another idea that Paul W.S. Anderson might try to remember is that not every bad guy needs to have worse aim than George Lucas’ storm troopers. Seriously, watch Resident Evil: Retribution and see how often anyone actually dodges the enemy gunfire. The heroes don’t even try to dodge or take cover half of the time, and they only get hit when the story depends on it. That’s just lazy film-making.

Let the Resident Evil 6 movie be the end of the series. They’re bad enough already.