‘Resident Evil 6’ Release Date, Title, Returning Cast Revealed

The Resident Evil 6 release date has been updated, along with a title and a couple of confirmed cast members. Sony’s Screen Gems is said to have set the release for the latest in the series for September 12, 2014, with Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich also returning.

The Resident Evil series has always tried pushing the envelope with every turn. The original tried to take the first Capcom video game and explain what happened behind the scenes, while introducing a heroine we’d never seen in the games. One of the most successful movies based on video games to date, it was apparently good enough to spawn several sequels. The second movie followed Alice (Jovovich) as she dealt with Raccoon City being quarantined over the zombie outbreak. The third film dealt with her having gained superhuman abilities from the T-virus as she trekked across the desert with a band of survivors in a post apocalyptic United States.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was the first of the series to incorporate the latest trend in visual effects, and was also considered the first sequel we didn’t need. RE 5 further pushed its boundaries and brought in mass cloning as several members of the cast were placed in several roles, bringing back Michelle Rodriquez for the first time since the original.

With an update on the Resident Evil 6 release date, we have also learned that the proposed title was given as “Rising Resident Evil,” which could have been an error in communication. We’re going to call it Resident Evil Rising, to coincide with the way the rest of the series has been titled. It is now likely to be a 2015 release, as revealed by Milla Jovovich on Twitter last year, since hubby and director Paul W.S. Anderson took some time off between releases, possibly to recharge the creative juices. He has said the film will definitely be in 3D.

Also returning to the film for the Resident Evil 6 release date is Li Bingbing, who played Ada Wong. The plot of RE 6 is likely to revolve around a last stand between the US military and the Umbrella Corporation, with a few million zombies thrown in. This was the scenario painted in the final scene of Resident Evil: Retribution when Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) recruited Alice to aid him in fending off the undead from the White House.

While the critics have bashed the Resident Evil series for years, you can’t argue with the box office results that fans can’t seem to get enough of the film adaptation of Capcom’s zombie apocalypse. Are you planning to catch the latest film in the series on the Resident Evil 6 release date?