Video Of A Dog Barking At A Video Of It Barking At Itself Goes Viral

A video showing a little dog barking at a video that is in turn showing the same dog barking at itself has quickly gone viral. The original video was uploaded to YouTube by Daniel Eastvold just six days ago. People started taking attention after CNN reported about it on April 18th. At the time of the CNN report, the video had garnered around 40,000 views. At the time of filing this, it already managed to cross 69,000! We expect this one to rise quickly in the days to come.

BTW, the dog seen in the video goes by the name “Holiday”. This is a definite must watch! The uploader has also made another version of the video in high quality. Should you prefer watching it in HD, go click here!

What do you think about this video that shows Holiday barking at herself barking at herself barking at herself…?

[Image via YouTube]