Heaven Is For Real Movie Box Office Results: Colton Burpo Responds To Critics

The Heaven Is For Real movie box office results have come in and they were way beyond expectations for a Christian film.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the boy who had the near death experience, Colton Burpo, reveals that his family has received a lot of criticism for the book and now the Heaven Is For Real movie. The interesting part of the story is that many of the critics were fellow Christians:

“When you actually reach past [the critics] and you can actually reach some of these people like that it’s just like God saying, ‘You can’t stop.’ It’s like, ‘No we’re not going to.’ The atheists, you’re like, I expect that from them, but when you see a person who claims to be a Christian attacking you’re like, ‘This is awful.’ Well, with me, my main response is, ‘OK you can believe what you want to. That’s not going to stop me from sharing what I saw.’ I am decently easygoing. It takes a lot to rattle my cage, so I take the pacifist approach.”

We’d suggest reading the rest of the article in order to see how this amazing little boy has grown up to be a young man.

The Heaven Is For Real movie may have been helped a lot by the Easter weekend since it launched by grossing weekend sales numbers of $21.5 million, which beat out big budget movies like Transcendence featuring Johnny Depp. The latter earned only $11.5 million despite being in 3,455 movie theaters and costing over $100 million to make, while the Heaven Is For Real movie was only in 2,417 locations by comparison and operated on a much smaller budget.

But the Heaven Is For Real movie was not the only Bible-based film to still be doing well. Despite all the criticism thrown at it by many Christians, Noah kept a 9th place spot with $5 million, putting its box office results at $93.2 million so far. But the real surprise is the specifically-Christian film God’s Not Dead, which has generated box office results of $48.2 million despite launching in a limited set of theaters at first, only to grow to only 1,796 locations. The Christian movie was created by Pure Flix, a Christian film producer that traditionally focuses on straight-to-video launches. The Heaven Is For Real movie, on the other hand, had the backing of Sony and TriStar pictures.