WWE Superstar Dave Batista Set To Take Time Off For Movie Commitment

WWE Superstar Dave Batista, better known simply by Batista, is set to take time off soon. The idea is that he will leave after Extreme Rules for a bit. Never fear however, as Batista has signed a multi-year deal with WWE. So obviously he will be back.

Batista is leaving due to movie commitments. Batista stars as Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a huge role for Batista, as anything superhero related is massive right now. It’s obvious that there will be cross-overs with other movies in the future, so Batista might be used a lot for years to come.

Due to this, Batista will need to take time away from the WWE to either promote or film. In this case, Batista will be leaving to promote the Guardians film set to come out this August. The film is expected to set up other Marvel films as well. So we might even see some familiar faces in this film.

The movie has gotten a lot of buzz and many feel that it could be a big franchise movie on it’s own. Currently there is only one movie planned for this comic book turned movie. However the talent is in the movie to help make it a major franchise if Marvel and Disney feel there is a need to do so. If the money talks, why not right?

There is some speculation that Batista will simply get hurt or some sort of idea to cut him out of storylines after Extreme Rules. This will allow him to go off for a month or so to promote the movie, then he can come back later on. It seems that WWE might be a great place to promote it, so Summerslam could see a lot of Marvel love.

Evolution is set to be part of WWE’s summer angle with The Shield. So it makes sense for Batista to be back before the summer let’s out or he may simply just appear on TV and not at house shows. It really just depends on how WWE and Batista can work it out.

It was known for some time that Batista would take the time off. WWE was able to work with Batista on this, so he is not advertised for anything after Extreme Rules. Obviously that does not mean that he will not be back, rather, he will of course. It was just that WWE didn’t know when that could be. However most feel that he could be back by late June or July.