April 20, 2014
World War 3: Ukraine Crisis Worsens With Claims Of Russian Special Forces Killing Civilians

World War 3 is what everyone fears, and the Ukraine crisis may be enough to be the trigger point. Now the new Ukrainian government is claiming that Russian special forces may have been involved in a deadly attack that killed several people. The Donetsk People's Republic, which declared itself a separate state from Ukraine, is already demanding that Vladimir Putin order his troops into Ukraine.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a week ago fears the Ukraine crisis reached a tipping pointing when the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, said the "militants in eastern Ukraine were equipped with Russian weapons and the same uniforms as those worn by Russian forces that invaded Crimea." In response, Ukraine's military mobilized forces to fight the separatists who had seized around 10 cities and NATO deployed troops to the Baltic. United States ground forces were also sent to Poland in order to reinforce NATO as it stood up against Russia and its army of 40,000 troops stationed outside of Ukraine. Although some journalists have claimed World War 3 has already started, Secretary of State John Kerry is attending meetings in Geneva attempting to stem the tide of the Ukraine crisis.

Reports claim a checkpoint in eastern Ukraine manned by about 20 men was celebrating Easter when it came under attack by unknown men driving four vehicles. Yuri Zhadobin, who coordinates the men manning the checkpoint in the village of Bylbasivka, says they hid behind barricades to shoot back. After they began throwing Molotov cocktails two of the vehicles caught on fire and their attackers fled the scene, leaving at least five people dead and others wounded.

The latest instance of violence has both Ukraine and Russia pointing fingers. The Russian Foreign Ministry blamed the attack on the Right Sector, a Ukrainian political group that supports the interim government in Kiev, but is not directly part of it. The Right Sector denies involvement in the attacks, instead claiming the whole thing was staged by Russian special forces. Ukraine's Security Service agrees, claiming it's a "cynical provocation" staged from "the outside" in order to give Russia an excuse to invade.

Russian President Putin admitted yesterday that some of Russia's army camped at the border were there due to the Ukraine crisis when previously Russia only acknowledge military exercises. The self-proclaimed mayor of Slovyansk has already attempted to start a referendum similar to the one that allowed Russia to annex Crimea. They are also using the attack on the checkpoint as justification for allowing Russia's military to send "peacekeeping troops" into Ukraine.

Russian state media has also been reporting that Russian-speaking Ukrainians are in danger. For example, Andrei Zarubin, who is now stationed at the checkpoint which was attacked, claims Russia needs to come into Ukraine:

"See what is happening? Russia should defend us... who else can we turn to for help?"
Do you fear Russia is trying to stoke the fires of the Ukraine crisis and may end up triggering World War 3? Or do you think if Russia invades will NATO and the United States back down and we'll be facing Cold War 2?