Kendall Jenner Proves She's A Hippie By Heart During Coachella's Second Weekend

Kendall Jenner is living proof that the Coachella brings out the weirdest in everyone. Spotted Saturday by WENN at the Coachella music festival held at Indigo, California, Jenner donned a tight bell bottoms, with flower patterns from waist to heal screaming "hippie" all over the place. She also wore an off-shoulder top reminiscent of a Jane Fonda aura of hippie-ness.

The Kardashian half-sister was seen during the second week of the music festival, where Beyonce and Pharell Williams were scheduled to appear.

16-year-old Kylie, Kendall's younger sister, was also seen at the festival wearing brown knee-high boots and a Triumph shirt while accompanied by his friends. Jenner's presence on social media was pretty prominent during the event.

On Instagram, Kendall Jenner regularly posted her hippie-inspired outfits together with her gang. She also posted a couple of artsy-fartsy shots of his friends in black and white.

According to TMZ, Kendall Jenner and sister Kylie are spending two weekends at the festival. Tickets at the Coachella start at $400, and VIP tickets cost up to $800, which we are guessing isn't much of a problem for Kendall and Kylie.

What many noticed during Jenner's appearance was her physique, which seems to get better and better by the day. People agree that she's just as hot in a hippie attire as she is in bikini.

Daily Mail noticed that Jenner, fresh from a recent heartbreak with Harry Styles, might be doing a couple of hunk sight-seeings at the Coachella, noticing her very carefree behavior during the first weekend event. Her dance moves with friend Moses Arias definitely defined single for Kendall, perhaps even serving as a not-so-subtle hint for "I'm looking for potential suitors".

Netizens had a lot to say about Kendall's attire.

Commenter Deanosafc said:

"She is absolutely stunning this girl"

Another one, Katy from UK, commented:

"fantastic body, and yes, she WORKS for it, eat your hearts out jealous women..."

However, a few people were a bit bitter by Kendall Jenner's fashion at the Coachella. User dotdotdot said:

"Hippies who spent about $1000 or more on a ticket and another $400 on the outfit ( with bodyguards too )"

In fairness, there obviously was a large, middle aged guy, we presume to be his bodyguard, frequently seen beside her during the event.

Another harsh one from enoughisenough, who says:

"So I take it that they will never go to college and looks like they barely make school.. What a life for 16 and 17 yr olds! Hmmmm"

Shut the bad comments off girl! Stay true to yourself, Kendall Jenner.

[Image from Instagram]