Did Taco Bell Rip Off An Old Jack In The Box Commercial?

Taco Bell launched its breakfast menu on March 27, and with it came several advertisements that show people named Ronald McDonald giving it their approval. But one agency is claiming that the Errol Morris-directed ads are unoriginal.

Businessweek reports that Richard Sittag, the founder and creative director of Secret Weapon, says Taco Bell took the idea for the ads from a 2002 Jack in the Box commercial that did the same thing. And he’s not happy about it.

“Our ideas are really the only things that we have,” Sittag said. “So, we get a little touchy when we see something that we’ve done, being done by somebody else.”

The Jack in the Box commercial features Jack going up to the home of someone named Ronald MacDonald and offering the man to try one of his new burgers. It ends by saying the burgers are so good “even Ronald MacDonald likes them.”