Taylor Swift’s New Publicist Jumps Into The Fray

Taylor Swift has hired a new publicist and that publicist has leaped into action something fierce. Swift has been the subject of one rumor after another since she first burst onto the country music scene.

Most of the rumors swirling around Swift have been a little less than flattering, including the newest one where she supposedly has a checklist that all potential boyfriends must pass in order to get a date with the singer.

The fact that Swift has to deal with these rumors appears to be one of the reasons she parted ways with long time PR rep, Paula Erickson. In her place, the New York Post reports Taylor has signed Tree Paine and up and coming publicist who is apparently a bulldog despite her rather hippy-like name.

For her part, she seems to understand she’s landed a rather big fish when it comes to Taylor Swift. Talking to the Post, the new PR rep said:

“There isn’t a publicist in NY, LA or Nashville that wouldn’t jump at an opportunity to work with someone as talented as Taylor Swift and her management team.”

Right after signing with the country singer, Tree set up a brand new PR firm, called Premium PR. Paine has hit the ground running, going after the story about Swift and her having a checklist for boyfriends.

The up and coming publicist first went to a couple of entertainment websites in order to fight the rumors regarding Taylor’s romantic interests. When that didn’t work, and there was still quite a bit of talk about the “checklist,” the PR professional went on the offensive.

Taylor Swift’s new staffer made it clear that there was really no reason to believe the story, because people needed to consider the original source.

Whether or not this particular approach is going to work in the long run, it’s pretty clear the singer’s newest staff member is making sure people know she’s out there and willing to fight for her client.

It makes sense that Tree would want to keep her client looking squeaky clean, considering her popularity. Just recently, Talbot’s saw a huge upswing in sales simply because Swift was spotted wearing a new sweater from their collection. That level of cache has to be cashed in on by Taylor Swift for as long as possible.