Marital Problems: Signs Your Spouse May Be Suffering From Prescription Drug Addiction

From 1998 to 2008, prescription drugs have rapidly become one of the fastest growing sectors of addiction in the United States. A substantial number of Americans have become addicted to prescription pain killers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that a number of narcotic drugs have served as contributing factors to addiction due to illicit prescriptions. Opiates, Opioids, Percocet, Hydrocodone, Demerol, Methadone and Dilaudid are among the top pain killers commonly associated with addiction and sold as “street drugs.”

Prescription drug addiction has also become one of the leading causes for divorce in the past six years. However, a drug abuser’s spouse doesn’t have to remain in the dark about the addiction. They are a number of behavioral signs that every spouse should pay attention to as it may be an indicator of prescription drug abuse.

Drug Abuse in Men:

Although the tell-tale signs of a man abusing prescription drugs are quite noticeable, there are some instances where they can go undetected.

1. Continuous Prescription Filling: If he continues to fill the prescription long after the pain is gone, he may have a problem.

2. Running Out of Medication Too Soon: If your husband’s 30-day supply of pills mysteriously disappears long before he should have consumed them all, he may be abusing his prescription drugs. The shortage of his supply could indicate that he has been taken more than directed.

3. Lethargy: Over-sedation is one of the most noticeable telling signs of prescription drug abuse. Your spouse may appear sedated for extended periods of time.

4. Alcohol Abuse: Unfortunately, prescription drug dependency usually triggers another vice – alcoholism. If you’ve noticed an increase in your husband’s alcohol consumption while taking prescription drugs, this may be a sign that he no longer has the ability to monitor his drug use.

Drug Abuse in Women:

The signs of drug abuse in women tend to differ from those displayed by a man. While signs of drug abuse are usually more noticeable with men, women may also display odd behavior that could leave one to question their actions.

1. She’s a chatterbox. Although its no secret women like to talk, some have a tendency to go overboard as if they were fueled by an unknown power. The use of opiate drugs can actually speed up a person’s speech. For example, a shy person abusing opiate drugs may also become uncharacteristically outgoing, sociable and energetic.

2. Fidgeting During Meals: If she can’t sit still long enough to eat a full meal, or she rarely ever finishes her food, she may be suffering from a lack of appetite due to drug abuse. There have also been instances where addicts have been known to “chew Vicodin.”

3. Low Libido: If your sex life has plummeted, there’s a chance drug abuse could be the problem. For example, Valium, Xanax and prescription-strength painkillers can interfere with a person’s ability to feel if taken excessively.

4. Insomnia: Drugs can also cause significant changes in a person’s sleep patterns. So, if you find yourselves sleeping apart more times than not, drugs may be part of the problem.

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