Divorce Signs: Early Indicators That May Mean You’re Marriage Is About To End

Its no secret that a successful marriage is slowly becoming a rare oddity. According to statistics, there’s a daunting 50% chance of a marriage ending in divorce. However, that grim, irreconcilable fate doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. According to the Huffington Post, there are a number of early indicators that couples can use as identifiers to repair their marriage before it takes an irreconcilable turn.

Here are some of the warning signs that could mean you’re headed for divorce court:

1. Visions of a New Life: More often than not, you find yourself visualizing life without your spouse. In addition to the baffling visualization, you may also find yourself embracing the possibility of a new life and a fresh start. This particular situation may insinuate that you’re in an uncomfortable situation that you desire to get out of.

2. Emotional Disengagement: Withdrawing from the marriage emotionally definitely speaks volumes. Emotional detachment can be categorized as feelings of contempt, stonewalling, and little regard for one’s feelings. When one spouse takes on this attitude, this are definitely spiraling downward.

3. Lack of Balance: If one person if fighting the marital battle alone, then the odds of divorce are heightened. There is no way one person can solve all of the issues where two people are involved. If both individuals are not willing to make proper changes,

4. Lack of Communication: Nothing can be resolved without being discussed, and a discussion is not a verbal sparring match. If the only time you talk to your spouse is during an argument, your marriage is in big trouble. In most cases, emotional disengagement leads to a lack of communication as one or both spouses are not willing to sit down and thoroughly discuss the issues causes the problems.

5. No Resolution to Conflicts: Constantly arguing about the same things can become quite daunting after a while. However, the same arguments will always resurface with time if there’s never a resolution.

If you can silently agree that these warning signs can be closely associated with your marriage, that means the yellow caution lights are already flashing. Heed the warning and make an effort to turn things around.

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