Powerball Jackpot Hits $150 Million But Ticket Sales Still Under 20 Million Mark

The Powerball jackpot will hit $150 million for Wednesday’s drawing after no player was lucky enough to match all six numbers in Saturday’s drawing. The last time Powerball made it to $150 million without a winner was January 25 when the jackpot jumped from $131 million to $152 million.

Saturday’s Powerball drawing offered a top prize of $128 million. The January 25 jackpot went with no winner for another seven drawings until topping out at $425 million, when one player who bought his ticket in Milpitas, California, claimed the whole thing.

Who knows how high this Powerball jackpot will go? There have been only nine drawings since the last winner. Another half-dozen misses could push the jackpot into record territory.

But it appears that Powerball players are waiting until that happens before shelling out hard earned cash on the $2 tickets. Even with its $128 million top prize, Saturday’s drawing failed to crack the 20 million mark in tickets sold. Instead, players bought 18,696,234 tickets, which is still the highest total since the $425 million February 19 jackpot accounted for over 90 million Powerball ticket sales.

Overall, only 575,895 tickets were worth any cash at all — a mere three percent of the total tickets sold. Of course, most of those tickets, 419,235 to be exact, were worth the Powerball minimum prize of $4.

Was your ticket one of those winners? Check your numbers against the Powerball numbers drawn at 10:59 pm Saturday night in Tallahassee, Florida.

56293551 Powerball 21

Not only did the jackpot numbers come up empty, Saturday’s Powerball drawing did not even yield a match with the first five numbers, which would have been worth a $1 million prize.

Only 25 tickets matched four of those numbers plus the Powerball number, which pays $10,000. But two of those ticket buyers paid the extra buck to activate the Power Play option. With a Power Play number of “5” Saturday, those two ticket won their bearers $50,000 each.

While the odds of hitting the Powerball jackpot are 175,223,510 to one, the odds of winning the “4+1” third prize are 648,976 to one.

Image: VGstockstudio / Shutterstock