October 11, 2016
Atlantis Airlines Britton-Norman Islander Plane Vanishes En Route To New York

The Coast Guard is searching for any sign of an Atlantis Airlines Britton-Norman Islander plane that disappeared mid-flight. The plane was on its way to New York, the AP reports. Eleven passengers were on-board as well as one pilot.

Missing Britton-Norman Islander

The Britton-Norman Islander was flying from the Dominican Republic when it vanished from radar. The last communication received was an emergency signal sent just 35 minutes after its takeoff Monday afternoon, officials involved with the rescue efforts indicate.

Atlantis Airlines Search

The Atlantis Airlines plane was scheduled to make a stop in the Bahamas to refuel. Search teams are focusing on an area of the Atlantic Ocean near the West Caicos island.

Thus far, no sign of the Britton-Norman Islander nor any wreckage has been spotted.

The Search Site

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