TNA News: Kurt Angle Set To Make A WWE Return?

WWE is known for having a cast of characters. From a policeman and Mountie to a fake movie star and deadman. However, they never expected to have a real life Olympic Gold Medalist walk into the company. Kurt Angle won the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal in Wrestling and felt that he could have a future in pro-wrestling after he was done. Angle went to various companies that all had interest, but one caught his eye more than any other: the WWE.

WWE knew they could work with Kurt Angle as both a heel and face character, plus he was a real-life Olympian who won Gold at the games, something no other wrestling company in the world had to offer.

Due to this, Angle stood out. He quickly became popular and was used in WWE’s main event scene. He is a multi-time World Champion who also held just about every championship the WWE had to offer. Then, he decided to leave the company. WWE has a strict schedule. Wrestlers were on the road over 300 days a year at this time. While WWE has taken that down a bit, they still go on the road around 275 days or so a year.

Some still see more than 300 days. People like John Cena are on the road a lot doing philanthropy type of work with WWE through Make-A-Wish, where he has granted wishes hundreds of times for kids across the United States. Even when wrestlers are not working shows or matches, they do media. So there is little down time.

Angle were burnt out and needed time to himself. He also needed time away from WWE, yet he still wanted to wrestle. There was another company open at the time called TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

The reason he left was that he wanted time away that Vince McMahon could not give him. Angle just signed a new deal with WWE that made him a WWE talent for years to come. He wanted time away, so McMahon gave him the chance to get out of his contract in 2006 and told him that the door would be open when he wanted to return.

Angle had his eye on TNA at the time however, and has been there since. Angle has never really badmouthed WWE, and has always left the door open for himself to return if WWE would have him. He said that the place he decides to be with will be the place he retires from.

He said that he has an interest in going back to the WWE, as his contract is up this September. Though, he has not made a decision. Angle claims that he will have a decision made by December. This is very interesting, as it is an official 90 days from September. Average wrestling contracts have 90 day no compete clauses. So it seems that Angle is leaning toward the WWE.

If WWE wants him back, we can expect him to be there. Angle is easily capable of working a part time schedule in WWE, and there are a lot of talented wrestlers that have come in since his left the company years ago. Many think that Angle could be a huge addition to WWE if he were to return as he could help train up and coming talent as he wrestles.

He is also perfect for WWE Network roles and potential GM roles if needed. Angle says that he can wrestle for at least five more years. Whether or not he can do it with no breaks is up for the debate. It seems that WWE might be the best option for him. It would allow him to work for the money he wants and he’d be seen a lot more. On top of that, this could be a great final run for him culminating with him entering the WWE Hall of Fame. We shall see what he plans to do this Fall.