Jared Leto Proves He Is Not Jesus

Jared Leto And Jesus Pose For Photo

Jared Leto may look a lot like Jesus Christ with his long hair and beard, but the Oscar winner proved to the world that he is, in fact, not the Son of God.

On the day before Good Friday, Jared Leto found Jesus at an undisclosed location and got a picture of the two standing next to each other. Leto then uploaded the picture to his Instagram account with the caption: “Jesus and I.”

Jared’s wardrobe also proved he is not the Messiah. In the photo, he is sporting a track jacket and sweatpants, and the Jesus impersonator is wearing a long, white robe.

There isn’t any mention of how Leto found the Jesus impersonator, and he doesn’t give out the man’s name. But E! Online reported that the man is “somewhat of a local celebrity in West Hollywood.”

On that same day, Leto posted another photo. This time, it’s just of him at Coachella. But with the way the lighting is set up, it does kind of look like Jared Leto may be Jesus in disguise.

Since his win for Dallas Buyers Club, many have made the comparisons between Jared Leto and Jesus. A report from The Inquisitr stated that Leto himself has acknowledged that the two look the same, and he even posted a photo that shows him at the Oscars and a painting of the Messiah that make it seem like the two could be related. But Leto wanted to acknowledge that he is not actually comparing himself to Christ, and he included the hashtag #NotComparingToChrist.

Jared Leto is quite the Instagram user, and his profile is filled with funny, captivating, and unique photos. A recent post showed Jared wearing what MTV.com described as “the entire Urban Outfitters clearance rack.”

Leto and his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, are currently on break from their Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams tour. Their ninth leg of the tour will take place in Latin America, which begins with a show in Ecuador on April 30 and ends in Argentina on May 18.

Variety reports that Jared Leto’s documentary, Artifact, will air on VH1 and Palladia. The documentary focuses on Leto’s band as they try to overcome a legal dispute and the other struggles that prevented the production of their album, This is War. Leto hopes that both artists and audiences will watch this to “get a greater understanding of how things work in the music industry.”

“Because understanding is the beginning of change,” Leto added. “Inevitably, we’re all moving toward what I hope is a more transparent system.”

The documentary will air simultaneously on both channels at 11 pm on April 26.