Katy Perry Wants Robert Pattinson’s Baby In Her Tummy? But They’re Just BFFs! [Rumor]

Katy Perry can really be a good source of your daily dose of crazy, but we never thought we’d hear rumors of the “Fireworks” singer actually begging friends, including sparkly Robert Pattinson to have a baby with her. Crazy!

Word on the Hollywood street says there are rumors of Katy Perry vocally expressing wishes to bear someone’s baby “without expecting marriage.” But before you guys line up in front of her crib to offer your “services,” Perry’s camp is not confirming nor denying anything about this yet. We heard this first from an insane piece written by Hollywood News Daily last Friday, where they allege that Katy Perry, who was reportedly looking for someone to father her child, believes Robert Pattinson is the perfect candidate for the job.

But they are not currently dating, and both of them just got out of awful relationships in the recent past. So, what is really happening here?

Katy Perry, who has quite the affinity for the artsy crowd, first dated Christian guitarist Justin York, then skipped to singer Matt Thiessen, then hopped to the late actor Johnny Lewis and then holla’d her way to rapper Travie McCroy. Perry and McCroy lasted for a two years, from 2006 to 2008. She then had her eyes on comedian Russell Brand and married each other shortly but soon parted ways in 2011 to give way to John Mayer, whom she dated until February of 2014. Phew!

And now, there’s Robert Pattinson, whose tumultuous relationship with Kristen Stewart caused quite a stir among Hollywood insiders. But now, Pattinson claims he’s as single as could be, and maintains that his relationship with Katy Perry is purely platonic.

Wait, that does not really answer the question. Why would Katy want Robert to father her baby?

The easy answer to this is, it’s probably isn’t true. Despite unrelenting rumors driving the gossip trains around the Hollywood tracks, there is no actual confirmation regarding this insane Perry-Pattinson arrangement.

The fact that Katy Perry is set to go around the globe for a world tour gives us no reason to believe this absolute insanity. And for Robert? Pssh, there’s just no way sweet, sweet Pattinson will agree to such a loveless bond.

What is undeniable is that Katy and Patti are seemingly getting closer and closer by the day. Just earlier this month, there were rumors circulating that the two were planning to release a duet. We didn’t even know the ex-vampire could sing. Katy Perry, who kept Robert under her “friendly” care after his devastating split with Kristen, might actually get a chance to something deeper. Who knows? Only time can tell.

[Image is screenshot of music video “Roar”]