Laptops Under $1000? Three Good Options For Connecting On The Cheap

Laptops under $1000? Yep, they do exist. Despite the high demand for laptops, some brands keep a couple of models comfortably under $1000 bucks to help those who don’t have much to spare for gadgets. Shopping for laptops is intimidating, especially if your wallet isn’t exactly well-endowed.

A lot of us need newer laptops, but today’s latest gadgets aren’t really student-budget friendly. With great laptops rarely dropping below $1500, the search for an affordable and functional laptop is becoming more hopeless. The good news is laptops under $1000 are more common than you think, and yes, they come from good and recognizable brands. Companies like Lenovo and Acer constantly produce cheap but efficient laptops to help those desperate for inexpensive connections. Here are some laptops under $1000 that you should consider:

1. Lenovo Thinkpad X240 lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-x240-front-1

If battery life is a deciding factor for you, then definitely consider for this laptop. According to LaptopMag, the Thinkpad X240 features the Power Bridge which means it has two available batteries – a non-removable 3-cell battery and a rear removable battery. When the removable battery drains first, it can easily be removed without having to turn off the laptop. According to LaptopMag, the X240 has the longest endurance of any other laptop in the market. With continuous browsing with WiFi access at 40 percent brightness, the X240 battery can last up to 20 hours and 28 minutes, an astounding feat for a laptop worth $879.

2. Dell XPS 12 xps12

The trend of hybrid laptops seem to be what is bringing young people back to bigger gadgets. Hybrid laptops can be switched from casual use to serious work, and because most young professionals don’t have the money to buy tablets and laptops at the same time, hybrid laptops can be quite a good deal. Unfortunately, most hybrid laptops in the market slightly border above $1000 and many people simply can’t afford them. Last year, Dell released the XPS 12, a cool hybrid laptop that boasts a rotating screen and high-res display. Originally priced at $1199, the Dell XPS 12 is now at $799, depending on the seller.

3. Toshiba Chromebook toshibachromebookThis is easily the cheapest laptop on this list. The Toshiba Chromebook is only priced at $279, the perfect price for any struggling student who needs immediate access to basic computer functions. For its price, the Chromebook surpasses expectations. The audio is clear and well-defined and the temperature situation is cooler than expected. These issues are usually what keep people away from cheap laptops, but the Chromebook is definitely an exception.

The slight downside to this is that it does not run on Windows. Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, and many people might be unfamiliar with it although it’s definitely easy to learn. Before doing any purchases, make sure to check the complete specs and reviews of these units here or here. Don’t expect to be able to play GTA IV or Assassin’s Creed on these models, but be assured that as far as working and everyday browsing goes, these laptops under $1000 can definitely do the job.

[Images from Tantek Celik and respective manufacturers]