Zayn Malik: WWMD, Who Would Malik Date? Good Listeners, Apparently

One Direction superstar Zayn Malik has every girl swooning over him. Despite being madly in love with Perry Edwards, Zayn proves he still has the balls to talk to fans about his dream girls.

Zayn Malik seems to have the hots for good listeners. According to him, when women take the time to hear you out and communicate with you, it becomes a huge plus. With Zayn’s looks, charms and talent, it would be hard to find a girl who wouldn’t listen to him!

So listen up girls, here is a good tip: if Zayn pours his heart over dinner, or tells you about his dreams while walking along the beach, you better listen well, girl. Zayn would really, really love that.

Malik says:

“[I was looking for] a good listener who takes interest in what you say. If they take time out to speak to you, it’s attractive.”

Other than that, Zayn seems to be very happy with his fiancée Perrie Edwards, who happens to be a pop star herself. Despite their long absences because of tours, they both agree that distance makes the heart stronger.

Even though Zayn describes his ideal girl very shortly, at least we know what kind of qualities superstar boy bands are into! For all the girls out there who want to share a relationship with a British pop star, reel in some boys with similar traits or simply improve their overall attitude, remember what Zayn said – listen, listen and wait, I forgot…oh yes, listen! Nothing is more attractive than a girl who knows how to keep an open ear. And it’s not just standing there idly by absorbing every blabber a guy like Zayn Malik churns out. A good listener needs to respond gracefully as well.

Let’s take ourselves into a hypothetical situation, guys. Let’s move into a whole new universe where Zayn and Pierre are not a thing (knock on wood). You shouldn’t be too surprised if catch Malik trying his luck with…wait for it…Susan Sarandon, who boasted this month to Orlando Sentinel of her sexy secret: being a good listener. Remember girls, it came from a Hollywood superstar herself. Being a good listener is sexy, and Zayn Malik knows that.

For the guys who are reading this, hopefully you’ve added a little more content in your dream girl checklist. And for the girls, hopefully you’ve added these traits to your checklist on being the dream girl!

[Image from Instagram]