Cameron Diaz: ‘I Can’t Wait To Be Older’

In Hollywood, an actress’ age must always come down. However, Cameron Diaz is going against the norm and is embracing the fact that the Charlies Angel star is no longer young by camera standards. The 41-year-old Diaz revealed to Telegraph that she “can’t wait to get older”, adding that being 41 – an age that already attracts mommy roles – is the “best time” of her life.

But where is this unusual optimism for age coming from? Well, Cameron’s general appearance already answers the question. Cameron treats workouts at the gym as if it is her full time job. She has the physique any 20-something Hollywood starlet would envy. Diaz’ face, even without make-up, is really made for the cameras. Telegraph notes that even in her most casual, Cameron Diaz still manages to exude the grace of a movie superstar, that which stands out in any crowd.

Cameron Diaz criticized the youth-worshiping attitude of Hollywood, saying that actors and actresses should “reframe” how they perceive age in showbiz. She added that the best thing about life, especially for women, only comes when you’re in your 4th decade of existence. Diaz sites examples of glamorous women, all above their prime, who still attract full attention from the elitist circles of fame, such as Judi Dench, Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren.

“We’re not giving those women enough credit for what they’re accomplishing, which is beautiful performances.”


Cameron Diaz stars in her newest comedy The Other Woman, a movie whose script is practically just a banner saying “girl power”! Diaz plays a lawyer, named Carly Whitten, who finds out that his charismatic boyfriend Mark (played by Game of Thrones Nikolaj-Coster Waldau) has a wife. Eventually, and perhaps inevitably, due to having more things in common than they’d care to admit, Carly and the wife (Leslie Mann) becomes good friends and start trash-talking their lover. The two of them even discover that there is a third lady, the well-endowed Amber (Kate Upton) who also becomes friends with the two. When they find out that there is a fourth woman behind their backs, that is when the trio gets their act together and starts plotting their revenge against the promiscuous Mark.

Cameron’s movie is set to be shown on theaters April 25.

Cameron Diaz also promotes a book which she co-wrote, which is entitled The Body Book. According to Cameron, it is a self-help book that aims to empower women by encouraging them to accept who they are.

[Image from Bad Teacher]