Miranda Kerr Shares Birthday Blessings On Twitter, Instagram

Happy birthday Miranda Kerr! The 31-year-old Victoria’s Secret model, who is currently celebrating both her life and her sexuality, has been taking to Twitter and Instagram her delight over the blessings she has been receiving from fans and sponsors for her birthday. Just this Friday, the supermodel shared on Twitter her excitement over a new endorsement project she will be doing for Escada, for a line of fragrances which aptly describes how Miranda is feeling right now – “Joyful”.

Miranda Kerr clutches the larger-than-life bottle of the latest product from Escada while donning a simple, white blouse. Her dimpled smile says it all: Kerr is really “joyful” to be a part of the prestigious fragrance family.

Next birthday delight that the runway princess shares on social media is her appreciation for the wonders of the concrete jungle. On Instagram, Miranda shared a nice, vintage-y shot of the New York skyline before a setting sun.


Miranda, who has worked on New York’s finest runways, always show some appreciation for the greatest city on the planet. She had previous affiliations with one of New York’s biggest modeling agencies, the NEXT Model Management. The aussie model also resides in the big apple with Christopher, her child with ex-hubbie Orlando Bloom.

Just a few hours ago, Miranda took a pic for her Instagram followers a flood of balloons she reported to be for her birthday.


Apparently, Miranda’s week long celebration of her birthday is just starting. A picture of “ballons”, all in different shapes and sizes, scatter around the place as Kerr celebrates her 31st year of beautiful existence on the planet. Her fans rejoiced with her and gave simple yet heartfelt messages to the birthday girl. Most are glad that the runway goddess is choosing to celebrate her new year on Earth with her adoring fans.

The lingerie hottie’s success in the modelling world was a fast-paced one. She only really became a popular face in 2007, just 7 years ago, when she was made a Victoria’s Secret angel. Good thing is, despite her massive success in the industry, Miranda Kerr still manages to keep her feet on the ground and stay active on social media, where fans and supporters huddle to get a glimpse of her glory.