New England Patriots Set To Take A Quarterback In 2014 NFL Draft

The NFL is full of highs and lows, obviously you can be in the hunt for a title one year and then be out of the playoffs the following year. There have been times where a Super Bowl team did not make the playoffs the following year. The NFL is truly the “what have you done for me lately” type of business. This is of course the same for the New England Patriots.

The Patriots have been a staple in the NFL for the last decade, making the playoffs every single year since Tom Brady walked on as Quarterback. Tom Brady came out of nowhere, coming into the NFL as a random guy out of Michigan that had some promise but arm that was suspect to scouts. Many found him as accurate, but the power was not there. In a sea where the big arm QB prospers, Brady was not the type of guy a team wanted it seemed. So he dropped significantly in the NFL Draft…all the way to the 6th Round.

Obviously Brady turned out to be a relatively good QB in the NFL. He only reached 10 AFC Championship games and 5 Super Bowls with 3 wins in the big game. He also has the most post-season wins for a QB in NFL history. He along with the New England Patriots have the longest win streak at 21 wins in a row. He has been okay.

The fact that he has never missed the playoffs as a starting QB is impressive as few QBs can say such a thing. Yet his coach is really to blame for a lot of the success. Coach Bill Belichick is known for being one of the best coaches in the NFL and particularly, a super genius when it comes to the fame of football.

Despite having a season without Brady as the Patriots’ coach, he was still able to get 11 wins and a playoff appearance with back-up QB Matt Cassel.

While Brady has been a major key to his winning ability, he proved that without Brady he can win even still. He is known for taking a chance on players and using everyone to their fullest extent. When it comes to the Patriots in the NFL Draft, you can expect them to jump around a lot. Billy Boy knows how to spot a guy who can help his roster. As a result, he shifts around to land the guy he wants and without any doubt, tries to use that man to his highest potential. People such as Troy Brown can attest to this.

The NFL Draft is expected to take another dramatic turn this year for the Patriots as they are looking to take a Quarterback this year.

Tom Brady is one of the best QBs in NFL history. They are certainly not pushing him out of the door. Yet they realize his time will come to an end in the next three years or so. As a result, they need to find their next franchise QB now so that they can sit behind Brady and learn the ropes. It seems that since the NFL Draft is loaded with QBs that show great promise, they are in a can’t miss year for just that.

Current back-up QB Ryan Mallet is expected to leave after this season. While the Patriots normally only take two QBs into the regular season, they will potentially take 3 or 4 this season knowing they do not need to realize Mallet and still need to develop their new QB.

Now comes the part of picking the guy they want. Many of the QBs that show promise might potentially fall to the second round and beyond. People such as Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville was speculated to be a #1 Pick by some scouts but has since fallen down to the second round for some. Meanwhile SEC QBs Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron, Zack Mettenberger, and Conner Shaw show promise and could fall right into their lap.

Many believe that the Patriots like the idea of AJ McCarron out of Alabama particularly as his college coach Nick Saban is so similar to the Patriots’ Bill Belichick. The offense is very similar and on top of that, McCarron shows a lot of the same traits that Tom Brady does. From his personal life off the field to his game on the field, McCarron could be the college version of what Tom Brady has been in the NFL. So why not look highly at this type of guy?

McCarron is speculated to go as high as the second round, but could fall into the third. That means the Patriots have a big opportunity with him. Of course, they could go after another QB and feel just fine with that. They have other big needs on defense as well as offense to address. So the QB position is not their first priority. This is why many feel that the Patriots will not take a QB in the first round unless someone like Johnny Manziel falls into their lap, which is potentially a pipe-dream.

Any QB that comes into the Patriots locker room understands they will sit behind Brady for a while. So it is obvious that they will learn and learn well. Brady will teach the next generation all while still playing like a stud as always. We will have to see who the Patriots plan on taking, but it is obvious they are going to get the guy they want…they always do.