Delino DeShields Returns Day After Being Hit In Face By 90 MPH Fastball [Photos]

Delino DeShields Jr. returned to his minor league team, the Double-A Corpus Christi Hooks, just one day after having his face destroyed by a 90 MPH fastball. On Friday, April 18th, the Hooks’ center fielder and the son of former major league speedster Delino DeShields, was up to bat against the Frisco Rough Riders. DeShields is batting.259 with two homers and four RBIs in the short season. But as he stood in for his third at bat, DeShields was not expecting what happened next.

The pitch struck Delino DeShields Jr. in the left side of his face. As a right handed batter, DeShields is susceptible to pitches coming in high and tight on the left side of his face. A selfie from the hospital reveals some serious facial damage to the young prospect.

Amazingly, DeShields was able to walk off the field without help. He was immediately taken to the local hospital in Frisco, Texas where it was discovered he had a “non displaced maxillary sinus fracture”. Basically, he broke his face. The team website currently lists Delino as being on the seven day disabled list. His teammates probably did not expect to see Deshields for a few days, but to their surprise, he returned to the team on Saturday. Although the Hooks were swept by the Rough Riders, it was certainly an encouragement to see that their team mate was going to be okay.

Delino DeShields was wearing his helmet as all players do, but he did not have the full face guard on when the 90 MPH fastball shattered his cheek. Chances are very high that when DeShields returns to play, he will be wearing the full cheek covering face guard. Another of his pictures on Twitter gives a closer look at the gruesome injury.

It is good to see a player dealing with his adversity so well. In fact, DeShields has enough of a sense of humor to enjoy an internet joke at his expense. This final picture compares Delino’s drooping cheek bone to the face of a certain “Family Guy”.

@LinoDeShields lookin like peter griffin lol — rQ (@ryan_Quint) April 19, 2014

Hopefully, Delino DeShields Jr. can return to the field soon to continue his professional career with the Houston Astros.

[Image via Twitter]