Jodi Arias Claims She Got Hepatitis C In Jail, Blames Nancy Grace

Jodi Arias said she caught Hepatitis C in prison, and is claiming a conspiracy involving controversial television personality Nancy Gracy is to blame.

Arias was convicted last year of murdering boyfriend Travis Alexander after he left her for another woman. Prosecutors say Jodi carefully plotted to murder Alexander after a tryst, and then tried to cover it up by first claiming that masked intruders killed him and then saying that he attacked her.

While she is now awaiting the death penalty phase of her case, Jodi Arias has allegedly been cooking up another plot. TMZ claims that she has filed legal documents that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave her a Tuberculosis shot with a needle infected with Hepatitis C.

Arias also claims that her silicone breast implant leaked while she was in jail, causing a fungal growth. She said Sheriff Joe did not allow her to get medical treatment.

The plot went even deeper than that, Jodi Arias claimed. The legal documents reportedly claim that Joe Arpaio intercepted sexual letters between Jodi and a cousin of Travis, then leaked them to Nancy Grace. The television personality then reported that the two were planning to marry.

Though the plot may seem far-fetched, it would not be the first time either Nancy Grace or Joe Arpaio were in trouble. Grace has stirred controversy plenty of times, including a recent anti-marijuana stance that critics have decried as deceptive. The WWE has reportedly banned wrestlers from talking to Grace after she linked all wrestlers' deaths to steroid use.

Arpaio himself has been accused of human rights violations, including unfairly targeting minorities in Maricopa County.

Jodi Arias has clashed with Arpaio before as well, including the sheriff's office recently barring her from seeing a defense aide in jail.

In her most recent filing, Jodi Arias is seeking a restraining order against Nancy Grace and Joe Arpaio.