Michigan Judge To Defendant: ‘I Hope You Die In Prison’ [Video]

Michigan Judge John McBain departed from typical courtroom decorum when he told an apparently remorseless convicted killer that he hoped she dies in prison.

Criminal defendant Camia Gamet, 31, reportedly behaved in a disrespectful manner including rolling her eyes, laughing, yawning, and chiming in with “Is that it”? when loved ones of the man who was killed provided victim impact statements in the courtroom. This prompted the judge to threaten to duct tape her mouth if she didn’t pipe down.

At the hearing on Wednesday, Judge McBain sentenced the woman to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. Family members applauded when the judge announced his decision.

He added that she was “one of the worst cold-blooded murders” he’s even seen.

Last month, a Jackson County, Michigan, jury convicted Gamet of first degree murder in the 2012 death of her boyfriend. Gamet claimed that she thought she was battling an intruder and was acting in self defense, and her lawyer plans to appeal the murder conviction.

Commenting on what influenced the jury’s finding, a prosecutor explained at the time that “I think the number of weapons found and the manner of the victim’s injuries played a large role. Even though she (Gamet) was intoxicated the jury had enough evidence to believe that she could’ve stopped herself.”

Flash forward to the sentencing hearing: Said the angry judge to defendant Camia Gamet, who will spend the rest of her life behind bars unless her conviction is overturned on appeal:

You gutted him like a fish in that apartment. You were relentless. You stabbed. You stabbed. You stabbed. You stabbed. You stabbed until he was dead… I agree with the family; I hope you die in prison as well… If this was a death penalty state, you’d be getting the chair.”

Michigan abolished the death penalty all the way back in 1847.

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