Optimal Health: Straw Chiropractic Explains The Link Between Nerve Damage And Cholesterol Medication

Statin drugs are conventionally used to lower or limit cholesterol levels in the body. The problem is in the side effects; this medication can cause neuropathy when used constantly over a long period of time, even leading eventually to permanent nerve damage.

Optimal Health Straw Chiropractic specializes in the treatment of individuals suffering with neuropathy. Their centers are uniquely well versed in the treatment of neuropathy and helping individuals suffering with its complications. According to a company representative, “What a lot of people do not know is that there is a lot of research that suggests some drugs – particularly cholesterol medication – are linked directly to neuropathy.”

That’s a pretty scary statement! However, the fact is that some 10 to 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from a condition called peripheral neuropathy. The early signs are a feeling of numbness, a tingling sensation, burning legs and feet, and stabbing pains that feel like electric shocks, leading to a loss of hot or cold feeling on your skin.

Diabetes is responsible for the greatest risk of developing neuropathy. Diabetes already affects some 26 million adults and children in the U.S. at the beginning of 2011, according to the American Diabetes Association, and the figure increases annually. Currently, close to 9 percent of the population are suffering from diabetes, which is frequently obesity related.

The most disturbing aspect of these figures is that they can be controlled simply by making better lifestyle choices with food, regular exercise, and lowering the blood sugar level.

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Today, there are ways of restoring some of the nerve function and managing peripheral neuropathy by using conservative manual therapy and modalities which stimulate metabolic nutrition to nourish the injured tissues. Nerves are more difficult to heal because the rate of healing is very slow – only 1 inch per month – compared to other tissues of our body.

For years, we have been bombarded with commercials saying that high cholesterol was bad and that you should take drugs – usually statins – to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, it now appears that it doesn’t matter how high or low is your cholesterol level. The types of particles that make up cholesterol are what cause a high risk of heart disease. Certain particles are dangerous and others are not. You can have high cholesterol and be low risk and you can have low total cholesterol and be high risk! Lipid profiles can now determine your true risk factor; it’s no longer a question of HDL and LDL.

The hard truth is that the medication you thought was protecting you may not protect your type of cholesterol particles any better than a whole range of natural products which have never been shown to damage nerves.

The fact that you now have this information will not help you unless you consult with a professional office that can evaluate your special needs and decide upon the appropriate course of action for you personally. In reality, you will only be able to manage your problem with a combination of lifestyle changes and good professional advice and support.

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Optimal Health Straw Chiropractic is one such company that can help you, as they are very experienced in the treatment of neuropathy in all its aspects. Currently the company has 5 locations in California: Glendale, Lake Forest, Fullerton, Corona, and San Diego.