French Toast For Champions? Try This Healthy, Celebrity Trainer-Approved Bread Dish

Health-conscious guys and gals avoid french toast like the plague. Not only do we think it's too fatty, we also believe the sumptuous dish is gateway food for unhealthy eating. That is why health buff and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak brings to Fit Sugar his own recipe that allows the gym-goer to continue perfecting his physique while enjoying the delightful heaven that is french toast.

It's called "French Toast With Ricotta," and yep, you read that right. Pasternak's idea for a healthier french toast is to add some sheep cheese on it. Ricotta is generally healthier than other types, but cheese is still cheese, right? There's still got to be some unhealthiness lingering around its soft and creamy taste.

Harley's french toast has more than 20 grams of protein, which is totally awesome for us who are struggling to build muscles. The french toast contains 250 calories per generous serving, which confirms suspicion that the dish is a bit high-cal, but is still a good go-to food for whenever you are craving the unhealthier.

The ingredients for the "French Toast With Ricotta" is as follows:

1 1/3 cups egg whites1 1/3 cups skim milk2 teaspoons sucanat or stevia1/2 teaspoon salt8 slices whole-grain breadGround cinnamon1/2 cup reduced-fat ricotta cheese1/2 cup fresh berries

Directions. It's the typical french toast procedure.

You (1) whisk together egg, milk, sugar substitute (don't miss this one, you're not fooling anyone) and salt. After doing so, pour the mixture into a shallow dish.

(2) Dip and coat two slices of bread in the mixture. Lift them up from the dip and remove those dripping, excess liquid from the bread. Remember, the more mixture, the more cal!

(3) Cook the bread on a greased skillet, but remember to put just a small amount of grease on the pan. Cooking time, just with the regular french toast, is 2 minutes or until golden brown. Burnt bread is extremely unhealthy, so make sure you don't heat up your french toast too much.

(4) Lastly, sprinkle your toast with a humble serving of ricotta cheese and berries. Around two tablespoons of ricotta will do, and berries are really up to your taste. Some suggest to put strawberries, sliced ripe mangoes and even cucumber on top. Be creative, but also conscious. Play with the fruits, but make sure they are not in excess.

Being health-conscious doesn't mean you have to totally say no to taboo foods like french toast. With just a bit of creativity and adequate knowledge of health and diet, you can dig in once in a while on your favorite "fatty" food without risking a relapse.

[Images of food from Fit Sugar. Recipe from Harley Pasternak]