Hot Tips For A Cool Summer From Atlas Heating And Cooling

  • Check the filter, but do not test the AC under 65 degrees outside because it will not operate correctly.
  • Clean the condenser fins with a hose.
  • Make sure the cover is removed from the AC unit before start-up.
  • Make sure all of the internal HVAC vents are open.
  • Damper down the vents on the lower level to assist the upper level on a one-zone system.
  • Make sure the fan is running outside, and there is a humming sound coming from the unit (compressor). Make sure air is coming out of the vents freely inside.
  • If your AC has a condensate pump, prepare warm water and bleach and pour the mixture into the pump. This should clear any dirt or bacteria that might be clogging the check valve for the pump.
  • If you hear any unusual noises, call a service technician immediately.