NBA Playoffs Predictions: Sorry Miami Heat, There’s A New (Old) Champ

NBA playoff predications are sometimes a futile effort. There are so many variables that go into what makes a team victorious over another, but because these series are the best of 7 games, usually the team that performs the best in the season has the upper hand. However, this is certainly not always true.

Let’s take a look at the matchups and NBA playoff predictions, round-by-round.

Opening Round

Eastern Conference

Pacers over Hawks: The Pacers are just too deep for the Hawks, but expect Atlanta to put up a fight. This NBA playoffs series could easily go seven games.

Heat over Bobcats: Good for the Bobcats for making it to the NBA playoffs, but they won’t be leaving the first round. Miami will finish them in five games or less.

Nets over Raptors: The Nets come in as the six seed, but with NBA playoffs experience from Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Deron Williams, look for the Nets to make the upset.

Bulls over Wizards: Even without Derrick Rose, the Bulls and Joakim Noah should not have too much difficulty getting through the Wizards in the opening round of the NBA playoffs.

Western Conference

Spurs over Mavericks: The Spurs always have success in the NBA playoffs. Don’t count on them getting knocked out by an inferior team in the first round.

Thunder over Grizzlies: The Grizzlies will give OKC a tough time, given that the team is built for the NBA playoffs. But Kevin Durrant is playing too well to get knocked out this early.

Warriors over Clippers: Look for the upset here. Yeah, the Clippers are great, but the Warriors have a chip on their shoulders and an uncanny ability to make huge plays in the NBA playoffs when needed.

Blazers over Rockets: These teams finished with identical records, but give the edge to the Blazers, who are better built for a NBA playoffs run.

Conference Semifinals

Eastern Conference

Pacers over Bulls: This will not be an easy series for either team. Expect a lot of hard fouls and a lot of low-scoring games. The Pacers get the edge thanks to home-court advantage.

Heat over Nets: The Nets’ experience will get them through the first round of the NBA playoffs, but there’s no way they are making it past LeBron James and the Heat.

Western Conference

Spurs over Blazers: The Spurs are ready for a long playoff run. Tim Duncan and company will make easy work of the Blazers.

Thunder over Warriors: The Warriors magic will run out in the second round. Thunder in six.

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

Heat over Pacers: Expect an epic matchup here, but the Heat’s NBA playoffs experience and drive to win will help them overcome the top-seeded Pacers.

Western Conference

Spurs over Thunder: The Spurs are that team that never seems to go away. Look for them to put away the Thunder in six.

NBA Finals

Spurs over Heat: Sorry, LeBron. The Spurs almost beat you last year. This year it will happen and the Spurs will stand victorious after the NBA playoffs.