Watch Blues Vs Blackhawks Game Two Streaming Online Live For Free; 2014 NHL Playoffs

Blues vs Blackhawks play game two of the 2014 NHL playoffs this afternoon at 3 PM Eastern Time. If you're not pumped for another helping of Blackhawks vs Blues after game one's thrilling triple overtime game, check your pulse. You're either dead or not a hockey fan. Game one was epic, the kind of game that makes NHL playoff hockey the most exciting thing in sports.

In case you missed it, the Blues won that game 4-3 with the game winning goal by Alexander Steen finding the back of the net just 26 seconds into the third overtime. The game, which lasted just over 100 minutes, was the longest playoff game in St. Louis Blues history. Fans will agree that the Blues picked the perfect time to snap their six game losing streak that ended the regular season and cost them what was long considered a lock on first place in the Central Division.

The Blues have even more to be excited about coming into game two, as it looks like the injured T.J. Oshie - who dazzled us all at the Plympics with a spectacular one man show in a shootout for Team USA against a favored Russian team - will likely be able to skate in this afternoon's game two of the Blackhawks vs Blues series.

To say game one was passionate might be an understatement. The game saw exhausted players, dehydration and a vulgar gesture over a non-call in the first overtime that cost Blackhawks' coach Joel Quenneville $25,000. According to an AP report, Quenneville had this to say about grabbing his crotch after the non-call:

"I was definitely excited. Disappointed with the call, but I apologize for my behavior. It wasn't very appropriate at all. It was a bush-league move on my part."

For his part, St. Louis Blues coach Ken Hitchcock was smiling when he said this of Quenneville's response to the non-call, which would have given the Blackhawks 30 seconds of 5-on-3 power play:

"We're so good on 5-on-3s...yes, I saw what Joel did. I saw it, but I'm not commenting. It would be inappropriate."

Look for another hard fought game between these Central Division rivals as they fight for the right to play the winner of the Colorado Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild series.

If you find yourself away from your TV at game time, you don't have to miss the action in today's Blackhawks vs Blues game. You can catch the Blues vs Blackhawks action online streaming live for free here.

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