Methadone, Valium Killed Alabama's Aaron Douglas

21-year-old Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas died of "multiple drug toxicity," a coroner's report has ruled.

The Duval County, Florida medical examiner found several medications in the football player's system, including Methadone, Diazepam and Carisoprodol. Douglas had been out with friends the evening before he was found dead, on vacation in Florida. He was invited to a party by two young women, and reportedly socialized until two o'clock the morning. Douglas was found dead on a hotel balcony at approximately 8am the following day.

Douglas was pronounced dead at the scene, and at the time, Fernandina Beach police chief James T. Hurley said he suspected the athlete had died of an overdose of alcohol or drugs.

'That would be the preliminary guess,' Hurley said. 'But it's just a guess. There was no obvious trauma or cause of death that was obvious to us, nothing that would be fatal. It's a suspicion at this point.'
Douglas died on May 12th.