'Resident Evil 7' Game Rumors: A Return To Series Roots, Could Debut At E3 2014

The Resident Evil 7 game is apparently on its way from Capcom, following the success of their multiplatform Resident Evil Revelations. However, instead of continuing in the direction the series has been heading, Capcom may be bringing the Resident Evil series back to its roots.

It is yet unclear what that means, since the first few games in the Resident Evil series were overhead perspective puzzle quests with zombies and monsters that shambled along or burst from different places like windows. Could they be taking a queue from Dead Space and attempting a first-person over the shoulder view to bring back the claustrophobic corridor experience? The style of the original games seems antiquated by now, if you ignore indie titles.

We can only hope that the Resident Evil 7 game will use respawning zombies so that you can't simply play through every area, clear it out, and then spend the rest of the game solving puzzles in the boring aftermath. At least Nemesis added some action back in at that point, having a seemingly invincible monster chasing you down and forcing you to keep moving.

Only a few months after Revelations was released, there was a job listing on LinkedIn hinting that the seventh major game in the series was being planned. Last August, Capcom SVP Michael Pattinson stated that the RE 7 game will bring the series back to its survival horror roots, so there has been confirmation on that level. Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun dropped a hint that the game would be revealed at the upcoming expo, along with the rumor of being a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Conflicting rumors also point to an Xbox One exclusive. It would certainly make more sense to continue the series on multiple platforms to maximize sales.

Though the announcement of RE 7 game at E3 2014 hasn't been confirmed, it seems like the perfect time. Resident Evil Revelations was a successful release on all available platforms, and there seems to be a lull in the action. Capcom could really use some fresh blood in their new releases, and Dead Rising 3 hasn't really been a lasting top seller. After the disappointment surrounding the reveal of the fifth new character in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom could use a killer comeback.

Could Capcom be planning to surprise us with the first reveal of the Resident Evil 7 game at E3 2014?