Zayn Malik, Liam Payne Reveal What They Want From The Opposite Sex

Zayn Malik and Liam Payne want you to know precisely what they want from a potential mate.

If you've always wondered what two of the five One Direction singers are looking for in the opposite sex, then you're in all sorts of luck. Zayn Malik and his buddy have revealed precisely what they want in a romantic relationship. Of course, this probably won't help you land one of the heartthrobs anytime soon.

Since Malik has already found the love of his life in Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, he was sure to speak in the past tense during his recent chat with Teen Now. After all, Zayn wouldn't want people to think that he's still on the prowl after getting engaged.

"[I was looking for] a good listener who takes interest in what you say. If they take time out to speak to you, it's attractive," Malik revealed. In other words, the guy is just looking for a little attention from Edwards.

While Zayn was apparently interested in finding a woman who didn't have a problem walking up to a guy and starting a conversation, Liam Payne is essentially after the exact opposite. Instead of an extrovert, the singer is searching for someone a bit more reserved.

Simply put, Liam is looking for "cute, shy girls with really nice eyes." It's a straightforward response, for sure, but at least the guy knows what he's looking for in the opposite sex. Here's hoping that girlfriend Sophie Smith fits that description.

Zayn Malik may soon have a chance to express his feelings for Perrie Edwards in the form of a rap song. The Inquisitr previously reported that the One Direction singer recently hit the studio with producer Naughty Boy and rapper Krept. This led some fans to believe that Malik will try his hand at spitting rhymes on the group's next album.

"Zayn has loved getting creative and is fast gaining confidence to try out new things musically. He even plucked up the courage to try to give rapping a shot. Everyone has been impressed with the results," a source told The Sun.

The insider continued, "He's rapped about what he feels comfortable about, like his life growing up and his relationship with Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. The results sound very similar to Drake. No one knows yet whether they will make the cut for One Direction's new album, as it would be a massive leap away from their pop sound, but Zayn is loving the creative freedom."

Are you surprised by the traits Zayn Malik and Liam Payne are looking for in a woman?

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